One Door Closes.. Another Opens

Hey Doods.

I’ll get right to ripping the bandaid off; Generation 0 is now on Indefinite Hiatus. I explain everything in the video below. I also will give a rundown in this post.


I’m really sorry to have to do this, guys. I’ve loved working on Generation 0 these past years with my awesome team (Shiro, Synchangel and KvaGram). If it’s ever possible to finish it in the future, I will be sure to do so; please know that this will not be forgotten. Due to the ever-increasing risk of making fangames, and how bloodthirsty Nintendo is getting, it just is too dangerous to continue active development for it. This is definitely not something the team or myself wants to do. However, I just can’t risk our livelihoods over this.

In his Reddit AMA, Ryan Morrison talked about how there are quite a few times where fangame devs have been sued and have lost their homes, jobs and more. However, they are unable to talk about it due to an NDA from the Company. So, in the public, we just hear about them getting the C&D and quietly fading into obscurity.

I want to say how much we appreciate your support and hope you stick around to see what comes next from us here at Big Cow Productions. Pleae know that I am not leaving the development scene. If you’ve been a fan for awhile, you know that Generation 0 was just the first step. My Patreon Page is, as I said in the past, not for Gen 0 specifically but for me as a content creator. This holds true even moreso now.

It is my aim to get the Patreon to a point where I can move down to 20 hours from 43 hours a week at my day job to work on content creation full time. I ask you for your support in this time, and know every dollar counts. Also know that if you’ve ever donated for a bonus on Generation 0, or pledge for Patreon, you will get an equivalent reward in PSL (Project Soul Link. Title subject to change.)

What’s Next?

Next, and right away, I’m going to begin redoubling our efforts to work on PSL Currently, the plan is to develop this in RPG Maker MV, the newest RPG Maker program. It can export to Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices. RMMV uses Javascript for its coding, rather than Ruby on Rails like RMXP (What Gen 0 was being developed in.)

With that said, I’m going to start studying JS and learn it with KvaGram’s help as well as with any other necessary resources. My first stop is going to be using Eloquent JavaScript. I’ll get whatever other resources as necessary to learn it as well. I want to learn this so I can more work alongside KvaGram with programming, rather than have him be the only hard-coder. I have a very unique battle system in mind, and I want to make sure I have a direct hand in its creation.  This is something that has never been seen before in the command/turn based RPG battle systems.

As well as learning Javascript, to get used to RMMV, I’m going to be starting a small-scale project that will be 10-15 hours or so. This will help familiarize myself with the differences MV has over XP,.

I will be keeping my open development approach where I will keep you all in the loop about what’s going on. I’ll be making sure to update this website fortnightly and make devlogs on Youtube on the opposite weeks to make sure you guys are kept up-to-date.

I’ll also continue making gaming videos, as content creation on Youtube and Twitch are something I want to keep up with as well. You can find my current video series here. I am doing a book club-esque podcast on Planescape Torment. This is inspired by the Dev Game Club podcast, where Brett Douville and Tim Longo (veteran game designers) play older games and discuss their relevancy in today.  Episode 2 for my podcast will be up on Monday May 15!


Well, that’s about it. Again, from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank everyone who has supported my team and I with Generation 0. I hope that you will stick around to see what comes next. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks, and stay tuned

Day 2; Transition and Progress

Hey doods,

So… Big changes! It’s been a difficult time breaking the news to you guys and then re-appropriating pages over and getting everything in place for BCP’s next steps. However, it helped a ton that I have such supportive fans who are sticking around to see what is on the horizon for my team and I.

Through yesterday and today, the new website has launched, I’ve remodeled the Patreon page, I’ve transitioned the Twitter page over, begun re-appropriation of the Facebook page and also begun transitioning the Youtube Channel. Additionally, I have ironed out the main idea for the narrative of the next immediate project.


Fanart by Andrew G!

While PSL (Project Soul Link) is going to be the next major title Big Cow Productions makes, that is going to be a little more down the line when BCP has an established LLC and I’ve gotten deeper into learning Javascript.

In the meantime, we are going to be developing a smaller scale RPG (About 10-15 hours and will be free as planned) so we can all get acclimated to RPG Maker MV.

I’m going to keep information quiet right now, but you are going to take the role of Kalus Andorian, the first one in 6 generations of your clan to have the power to shapeshift. You are sent off by your family to uncover why their power was lost, and to help restore it back to your people. As with Gen 0, and any other game I make, there will be unique spins on established conventions, through narrative and mechanics.  More info to come!

Thanks, and stay tuned